The Wings Tour Banner Project

Hi there! This is Admin L and I get the honors of writing our very first blog post yayyy!!

When Admin M and I decided to start this fan page, we weren’t really sure of our purpose. All we knew was that we were “mildly” obsessed with BTS and wanted to share our love with other ARMYs.

Barely a month into running the page, The Wings Tour was announced. Without hesitation, we immediately decided we wanted to start a fan project for the US leg of the tour. We decided on banners, and Admin M began work on a design.

What you guys don’t know is that “in real life,” we’re professionals working full-time, 40 hour weeks. When I say we were pushed to the limit, we were literally pushed to the limit.  If only running projects were as simple as collecting money and getting banners printed.

Sadly because kpop (especially kpop concerts) is so new to the the US, we have heard of people who have scammed innocent fans out of their money and never delivered on their projects. No matter what, we were NOT going to be one of those people. I’ll admit, because this was our first project, we were definitely out to prove that we weren’t scammers, especially knowing fans would be hesitant to support us because we’re new.

Countless hours were spent designing, producing, and packaging these donation perks

Admin M worked really hard on the banner and donation perks designs and making sure the orders were placed accurately and timely. We are truly kpop fans ourselves, so we felt it was important to design, and make, quality perks and banners.  We paid a lot of attention to detail, and spent a lot of money to ensure that what we delivered was indeed of good quality. We hope that everyone who got a perk or banner can agree with that.

We have to give a special thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, whether it was banner distribution in the freezing cold or spreading the word about the project. You all know who you are.  Because of these wonderful people, we can say we were the only fansite who had a presence at all 5 US shows. We are so, so proud. Thank you to ARMYs for giving us a chance.

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